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June 16th - Blockchain Bash

WorkMerk, 100 Four Falls Corporate Center, Conshohocken, PA 

Andrew will be a featured panelist on Saturday June 16th. 

Blockchain Bash is a conference located in Conshohoken, PA aimed to facilitate multi-disciplinary collaboration within the blockchain community. This is a 1.5 day event where industry, experts, researchers, innovators, and venture capital come together for workshops, presentations, interactive experiences, and community engagement. The objective is not to share old/current information, but to catalyze the next wave of innovation. This event is focused around workshops, challenges, prizes.

MAY 17th - Philadelphia Decentralization Meetup - Token Economy + ICOs

The Token economy is ever changing, and thus the way regulations define cryptocurrencies, coin, tokens, etc., is always changing. Join this event to hear David, Andrew, and Arjan have a discussion on Token Economics and ICOs. 


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June 24 - Crypto Shit Show

1714 N Masher Street, Philadelphia, PA 

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